How does technology improve the business?

During this century, the question is not how much technology your company can improve, but can you do business without relying on technology? Here are some current and future technological applications that will improve the business, including yours.

Faster and more complete communication
Sometimes the dramatic improvements in communications that the Internet and related devices, such as laptops and smartphones have made, can become so complex that they become repressive. No one needs 200 professional e-mails per day. However, once you organize your tactics and communication strategies around these available communication resources, everything will go faster. You can also move more reliably, planning applications that plan to send e-mails to customers at a lower price, if you postpone the monthly fee of your mobile operator – or if you choose a cheaper payment. continue to fall.

Recently, high-tech communication capabilities have been further strengthened due to the wider use of the “cloud” as a communication resource. For example, movies or music producers in different cities can simultaneously work on a project accessible both through the cloud. Surgical operations on other continents are already monitored by experienced surgeons through virtual operating rooms. Finally, fully automated medical procedures can be controlled virtually anywhere in the world from one physical operating room.

As the speed and speed of computer processing continue to increase, new communication technologies will emerge. New virtual presence technologies will make it easier and more effective for managers, speakers, trainers and technicians to conduct virtual presentations around the world with all the benefits of physical presence, but without limits.

Resource management
The same communication technologies already change the management of resources and fundamentally restructure the way we work. Today, one operator can deploy various military resources around the world. Tomorrow, one operator will be able to monitor and monitor unmanned vehicle fleets at a lower price, with greater reliability and lower accident rates.

Similarly, experts can practically be deployed almost instantly to solve production problems and other problems around the world. The multiprogrammed program of unmanned Amazons has not only regulatory and legal problems to deal with, but also a practical and daily problem of having pets, children and, most importantly, keeping them in the air long enough to fly at great distances Gartner Report 2016 , published in the New York Times. But the Times also noted that the future of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles is much closer to the future for autonomous vehicles.

labor saving
The most important new technologies that already change the way we work are automation and automated training. The Tesla production site for the new electric vehicle Model 3 has very few employees and is mainly intended for monitoring and, if necessary, adjusting or modifying the production process. Most of the work is done by machines that communicate directly with each other.

In recent years, one of the most promising areas for young workers is computer programming and coding. By 2019, there are at least 25 million programmers around the world. Almost certainly in the near future, the tasks of programming and coding will increase, but gradually computers will start programming other computers or reprogram themselves. Futurists predict that in the end, most people will not work for life.

security advantages
One of the most notable improvements in worker safety over the past 50 years has been the risky activity of motorsport. In the 1950s, there were five deaths in Formula-1. Although in the 1990s there were many more events in Formula-1, during the decade only two deaths were lost.

Technical innovations that reduced the mortality rate in Formula 1, have made cars safer overall. The appearance of a car without a driver will undoubtedly reduce the death rate – computers do not get drunk and do not bother, they are not interested in self-help, and they exist only to focus on their main task, Improving the safety of road trips around the world – in addition to lower rates mortality and safer travel – will also reduce insurance premiums and reduce the cost of traffic associated with the business as a whole.